Certified Arborist and Sales Director

Contagious laugh and quick wit describes this guy!

Certified Arborist, Forestry Technician, CEO and President

Creator of numerous popular sayings with the team such as ''You say you don't know how to do it because you haven't done it yet!''

Certified Arborist, Forestry Technician and Senior Climber.

Who needs radio when this guy is around! Songs and jokes are always at the rendez-vous.

Certified Arborist, Forestry Technician and Climber.

Tractor pulling champion. She is proof that strong does come in small packages.


Software Engineer and co- creator of Leafbook and SylvX.

Pun king and does not shy away from a Friends reference.


Forestry and Plant Health Care Technician.

Sweet as a Rose. Will get upset if a bug gets squished in her windshield.